Wanda Says…Jumping Jacks are hard.

When did a jumping jack become the hardest exercise in the world?  I was trying to do jumping jacks today as part of my workout, thanks to Jillian Michaels and her torturous 30 Day Shred, and instead of my body obeying my commands to jump in a coordinated fashion with my arms, I just sort of flopped around like I was having a vertical seizure.

I seriously could not get my arms and legs to coordinate in this movement that has been ingrained in me since I was a child.  It was uncomfortable and it felt like someone had tied bricks to my feet for all the effort it took to get them off the ground.  It’s a jumping jack.  How could it be this hard?  I also had trouble doing the butt-kickers.  You know… that exercise where you jog in place and literally try to kick your own bum.  I couldn’t seem to get my legs up high enough.  This makes no sense!  I can jog on the treadmill and get my legs moving just fine, but I struggle with jumping jacks and butt-kickers?

My body is responding to this criticism by saying, “Don’t blame me!  You’re the one who hasn’t exercised us properly in the past five years!  If you want to bring sexy back, learn to do a jumping jack!”

Well, I guess that’s fair.

9 thoughts on “Wanda Says…Jumping Jacks are hard.

  1. All right Wanda, you think jumping jacks are hard? Break out a jump rope. Holy cow! This is a torture device. I remember when I was young and couldn’t get enough of this thing … but now my jumping rope collects dust as I recall the last time using it — three years ago — to be some (mis)adventure in exercise. Jumping rope will make jumping jacks look silly. Try it. Write a post and let us know how it goes! And I mean jumping rope the way the boxers do it … and just thinking about it I remembering thinking maybe it wasn’t that jumping rope actually got harder but that earth’s gravity was somehow dialed up a notch.


    • LOL! Your on!! My husband has a rather professional looking jump rope that he just got out for our kids. I’ll give it a whirl and let you know how it goes. And I totally agree with you on the gravity thing. Gravity hates me. I can just hear that vicious bitch snickering now, saying “Go ahead, sister, jump rope and see what happens!” (followed by cackling laughter)

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