Who is Wanda?

Hi there!

My name is Brandi, and I’m a 40 something year-old part-time stay home mom, part- time working mom.  My family includes one fairly awesome husband, two seriously amazing kids, and five pets, which by my neighborhood standards, qualifies my home as a small farm.  My family and I live in Southern California, but I am originally from the Midwest, which I personally think is something to brag about.

This blog is the result of multiple forces coming together, born out of various life changes and some depression I experienced after becoming a stay home mom.  My husband suggested that I write a blog, as a hobby, to help me regain my sense of self.  Once I got over my initial fear of failure, and received some positive feedback on my writing from some very dear friends, I embraced the idea, and ‘A Girl Named Wanda’ took up some valuable real estate in my head and refused to leave.

the girlsSome of you may ask… who the hell is Wanda?  When I was ten years old, I asked my mother if I could change my name to Wanda.  To make a long story short, I thought Wanda was an exciting name, and I thought that if I had a more exciting name, I could be more exciting too.  I would be brave, more talented, more of all the qualities I admired in others.  So Wanda has been with me all these years, in the back of my head, just waiting for her chance to shine. Wanda is the part of me that aspires to be more.  She is the part of me that does not fear failure or rejection.  She challenges me to keep going, keep trying, and to push forward when my insecurities get the best of me.  My Wanda wants to be heard, and she is teaching me to be brave and take that leap into the unknown for the betterment of my whole self.  We may fly, or we may fall, but either way she and I are in this together.

I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks for stopping by!

PS…The majority of the graphics used in this blog have been purchased from a stock photography website.  A small few have been ‘borrowed’ from Facebook and Google.  If you’d like to share any content from this blog please let me know in advance and give the appropriate credit and/or link to A Girl Named Wanda.   🙂

23 thoughts on “Who is Wanda?

  1. I knew I wasn’t the only Wanda floating around in this damn blogosphere! How coinky dinky is it that I also lived in sunny southern CA. (Oceanside) before moving to TN. and grew up in Kansas and Missouri. I am definitely following you dear, cause we Wanda’s have to stick together! Love your blog!

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  2. Hey ! Thank you ! You have no idea what an impact you have had on me. My name is Wanda; as is my cousins, my aunts, my grandmothers and my great grandmothers. Mind you… None of these women care for me ! I am the perpetual black sheep in my family, just for being different. For stepping out of the conservative, square, Midwestern mindset I was raised in, for refusing to continuing the name gifting with my own first daughter , and for many other ‘ normal ‘ things ive done. Ive always hated my name. Alot ! But you have reminded me that I am my own Wanda. Thank you !

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    • Wow! That is such a nice compliment! Thank you! Believe me, I know a few things about being the black sheep of the family. I am also the black sheep in my family, and I just can’t find a reason to be upset about that. LOL! Anyway, when I started this blog, I never really expected many people to read it, so to get a message from you saying how much it has helped you blows me away. Thanks again for reading and for taking the time to reach out to me. Happy Holidays to you and your family! 🙂


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