Birthday Gifts

giphy-facebook_s[1]A conversation with my son, Bryce.   He will be turning five in a few weeks.

Me:   What do you want for your birthday?
Bryce:   A Dj set! (He then starts to imitate scratching records with motion and sound.)
Me:   So you can drop a fresh beat?
Bryce:   Yes!
Me:   Where did you learn about DJ turntables and scratching records?
Bryce:   America’s Cutest Cats!

Happy Friday everyone!

Wanda Says…My dog has a blogger twin!

So, I was checking out some new blogs today (new to me), and I discovered that Choppy, over at Travels with Choppy is a spitting image of my dog Molly!  How crazy is that?  My dog has a blogger twin!

So this post is really just to show Sarah, Choppy’s mom and fellow blogger, a picture of my sweet girl Molly!

Molly 2

She’s all like, “Why are you taking my picture? You’re giving me a complex. I might pee.”