Little Boy Laughs #2

A conversation today with my 6 year old son…

Bryce:  Mom, I’m really sorry.

Me:   For what?

big eyesBryce:  I was reaching into your purse for a tissue, and I accidentally dropped my booger in your purse.  Now I can’t find it.  It was an accident, Mom.  I’m really sorry.

Me:  You dropped a booger in my purse?

Bryce:  Yeah, but hopefully it will be crusty by the time you find it.  Then you know, no surprises.  That’s good, right?

Boys are gross.

8 thoughts on “Little Boy Laughs #2

    • LOL! I know! I’m such a blogging loser right now! I’m coming back! I promise. And thanks for checking on me. I’ve just been swamped since I started working again. It’s been ridiculous. 😕


      • I’m working for a music publishing company. We publish and license orchestral music for movie trailers. I like it! Can’t wait to read your new blog! I will get back at it soon, I promise.


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