Wanda Says…I was nominated for a Liebster Award!

wpid-liebster2[1]Recently I was nominated for the Liebster Award by my fellow blogger, Sweety Kannoth at The ‘Pen’lightenment of the Soul.  Thank you Sweety!  And please accept my apology for the lateness of my response to your nomination.

I’ve seen this award on other blogs I’ve read and followed, and while I’m still figuring out the ins and outs of blogger nominated awards,  I am extremely flattered and appreciate the mention.

For other bloggers to whom I will pass this on, here are the rules:

1. Link and thank the person who nominated you

2. Answer the questions they asked you

3. Pick eleven awesome bloggers to nominate ( preferably those with less than or around 200 followers )

4. Ask them eleven questions

5. Let them know by commenting on one of their posts

Here are my questions, provided by Sweety Kannoth :

  1. Give one word to describe your blog.—Honest
  2. What is that one quality that makes you different from other bloggers.—I have no idea.  I think other bloggers would have to decide that for themselves.  I’m not trying to be different from anyone, I’m just trying to be me. 
  3. Which is that one place in the entire world that you would want to visit before you die?—Egypt, and the Giza Plateau.  I need to see the pyramids before I die.  I know the aliens built that shit, and I want to see it with my own eyes.  LOL!  Just kidding!  Seriously though, I think it would be an amazing experience to stand before that incredible example of ancient engineering and world history. 
  4. Name three things that inspire your writings or pictures.—My family, my personal interests, and my depression.  Depression can be a tough subject to talk about, and I’ve found the best way to deal with it is to make fun of it. 
  5. What according to you is more important, money or memories?—Memories, of course, but I would like to have money so that I can go to fun and exciting places to make more memories.  Let’s face it, memories in your living room are good, but memories of amazing and sometimes disastrous family vacations can be epic. 
  6. 1604719_10202055273162751_545831537_n[1]Which is that one place, close to your home that always makes you take out your pen or camera?—The beach by our house.  We live a few miles from the Pacific Ocean and Manhattan Beach.  At the right time of day, it can be breathtaking.  My husband took this picture not too long ago, so you can see exactly what I mean. 
  7. What is that one quality you look for most in a friend?—Loyalty
  8. How did you start with blogging?—Depression was slowly eating my soul, and I needed a hobby to help me feel like me again.  My husband suggested it because he knew I needed an outlet, and he thinks I’m funny.  🙂
  9. 9.  Which is your most favorite holiday destination to date? (a place you have been)—We usually only travel to see family on the holidays, and those are not exciting locales.  We love seeing the family, but not necessarily the location.  So I would have to say that as far as my favorite places to travel, Chicago is my favorite city.  First runner up would be New York City, and then the Caribbean after that.  Barbados is my favorite island in the Caribbean. 
  10. What is your favorite hobby other than blogging?—Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Which is your favorite movie and why?—The Goonies, because Goonies never say die!!!!!!!!! 

So now I’m supposed to nominate eleven new bloggers for this award, but the problem is that I don’t know eleven new bloggers to nominate.  I’ve only been blogging for three months, and most of the bloggers I follow have been around a lot longer than that and have already participated in this award.  So, I will nominate these great bloggers, and more later on as I find them:

http://joyceharkness.com/  (Because she is incredibly smart and inspiring).

http://positivelyeffervescent.wordpress.com/  (Because everything she writes makes me laugh).

http://wandaringthroughlalaland.wordpress.com/  (Because she is hilarious and her name is also Wanda)!

http://brandedexplorer.wordpress.com/  (Because she is quirky, sarcastic and funny).

http://hysterectomy4dysmenorrhea.wordpress.com/  (Because she is also hilarious, smart, and she’s not afraid to tackle some really tough subjects with regard to women’s health and wellness).

If any of you nominated choose not to participate, that’s fine.  I completely understand.  But if you do choose to accept the award, please answer the same eleven questions stated above.

Thanks again for the nomination, and have a great week!  🙂