Wanda Says…I would like your opinion, please.

Again, this isn’t a real post.  I would simply like your opinion on something I’ve been mulling around in my head.

With regard to blogging, do you feel more of a connection to a particular post or blogger with whom you interact when they post photos of themselves, family, life, whatever, in and around their blog?  Does seeing the photos make them more relatable to you?  And if so, why?

This is something I’ve been going back and forth with since I started my blog.  I write about a lot of stuff with my kids and family, but I am always hesitant to put real photos of them or myself on this blog because it’s a public medium.  I do have the one small image of myself on my home page, and even that small photo was difficult for me to allow.  I don’t know….I guess I feel more exposed when there are so many real photos floating around the internet, and there is a small measure of security in physical anonymity, especially since I write about personal things and experiences.  And I don’t do selfies.

On the flip side of that, I can understand how it would be easier to relate to a person when you have visual cues and context to go along with a post.  I know I enjoy seeing pictures on other blogs, and it always makes me feel like I’m making too big of a deal out of it on my own blog.  I do post family photos on my private Facebook page, but I am very careful with security settings and I am conservative with what I post.  On a blog, no matter how conservative you are, the whole world can still see it.

So what do you think?  Do real pictures make a difference?  Do you enjoy a blog more, or a post more if you have real pictures to help tell the story?

Thanks for your help!  🙂