Wanda Says…Busy, busy, busy!

This isn’t a real post.  This is an I-don’t-have-anything-fun-to-write-about-but-don’t-want-to-ignore-my-blog post.

Things have been busy around my house between managing regular daily life and preparing for Christmas, and it seems like all the funny stuff I think to write about is either way too personal or inappropriate.

So, not that anyone cares, but this is a mash-up of everything that’s been going on at my house in the past week…

My husband and I have been trying to find an efficient and safe way to remove silly string from my drive way.  Let me say that not anticipating the mess and difficulty of cleaning up silly string after my daughter’s birthday was an epic fail on my part.  Epic.  We are having a serious drought here in southern California, and I thought once we had a good rain it would dissolve.  Yes, that makes me an idiot.  It didn’t dissolve and my driveway looks like shit.  Vinegar helps to loosen it up and we’ve used a putty knife to scrape it off, but we can only work small sections at a time.  We don’t want to use chemical solvents because the run-off will end up in the ocean.  And spending an hour at a time on my hands and knees scraping the concrete is less than ideal.  If any of you have a suggestion for this, I would be happy to hear it.

We got the tree up and decorated it last weekend.  It’s beautiful.  I love my Christmas tree. With the bow at the top, it’s about nine feet tall.


And this is Santa.  He likes hanging out in my tree.  He’s cool like that.


Ho Ho Ho!

The rest of my week has been a continuous flow of cooking, baking, Christmas shopping, helping with homework, play dates and housework.  I hate the housework and the cooking but I love the baking and shopping.  I love listening to Christmas music when I bake.  I think it makes everything taste more Christmas-y.  I also did my Christmas cards this past weekend, and every year I ask myself, “Why the hell do I still send out Christmas cards?”   They are such a jolly pain in the ass.  😉

That’s about it.  I’m sorry I haven’t had time to keep up with my blog reading, but hopefully tomorrow I can squeak out some time to catch up on everyone else’s posts and see what’s been going on in the world.

Happy Wednesday!  🙂