One month

That’s how long its been since I posted to my blog.

Holy shit.  Time flies.

Part of me feels like I need to apologize for such a long absence, but the other part of me realizes that my life demands that I be present and in the moment.  My family and my other responsibilities don’t always accommodate the time I need to put together a decent blog post.  We’re all busy and we all prioritize differently.  So instead of apologies, I’ll just say, HELLO WORLD!  I’ve missed you!

21 kidsThe past month has been a whirlwind of activity.  I’ve resumed my volunteer work as the garden docent for my son’s Kindergarten class.  I was also suckered into being the room mom for his class as well, so now between the school garden and working in the classroom to help his teacher, it’s like I have an almost full time job.  The upside is that now I’m openly revered by twenty one small people who look at me with undeserved wonder and admiration, thrilled that I know all their names and tell them how great they are at drawing stick people and gluing pasta to construction paper.  It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

12019874_869646123089790_8745768548767870345_n[2]A few weeks ago, Dan and I snuck off to Chicago one more time for one last wedding among my college friends.  It was beautiful and amazing.  The weather was perfect for fall and the trees were just starting to change colors.  The bride was stunning and we were all a bit better behaved than at the last wedding.  I’d like to write a full post about it but I fear that I’d really just be repeating myself from the previous wedding post.  We drink a lot, we’re super badass, we love each other, we’re friends for life.  You know the drill.

And of course, there was Halloween!  Halloween is a big deal at our house.  We love it!  This year was especially awesome because the day fell on a Saturday, so instead of the usual week night rush to get dinner done, kids jammed into their costumes and start handing out candy to the toddlers who start trick or treating before dark, we had the time to really set up and participate in the evening.  My husband decorated the driveway with strobe lights, a smoke machine, black lights, and glow in the dark cobwebs all over the garage door.  What was super badass was my costume.  I was

Yup, I looked just like her.  LOL!

Yup, I looked just like her. LOL!

Maleficent.  When the kids rounded the corner of my driveway the first thing they saw was Maleficent standing in front of a strobe light surrounded by billowing smoke and eerie glowing cobwebs.  It was so fun!  The kids loved it and so did the adults.  Some of them asked to take their picture with Maleficent, which was a little weird for me but still fun.  We also driveway party with our neighbors on Halloween, so when the kids are done trolling the neighborhood, we all hang out in the driveway and drink wine.  At around 10pm a neighbor we hadn’t met came over to introduce herself.  She said she just had to come check us out because our driveway was the talk of the neighborhood the whole night.  Seriously!  I told my husband, “Did you hear that?  We’ve got a rep.  We’re the cool kids now.”  LOL!

Anyway, it’s been a busy and fun month.  With Thanksgiving coming I know things won’t be slowing down any time soon.  I look forward to catching up on all my favorite blogs and hopefully I’ll throw together some fun stories myself to share with all of you.  It’s not like I don’t have a ton of material.  Teaching gardening to a bunch of five year olds?  There’s a mountain of hilarity in there somewhere.  😉

My 1980 Fan Girl Celebrity Crush!

Hello, world!

I’ve been absent from the internet for a bit as too many other obligations and activities have been claiming my attention.  After this week I should have plenty of time to catch up on my reading, and I’m dying to see what’s been going on with all of you.  🙂

This past weekend was packed with so much grown-up fun, I barely survived it.  My husband has an incredible group of friends/fraternity brothers from college and this past weekend we celebrated two big events… one birthday and one wedding.  I was fortunate to get a babysitter for both occasions, so Dan and I got dressed up and partied like rock stars.  Sadly, it’s Monday and I’m still feeling the effects of the late nights and excessive cocktails.  Getting older is such hell.

For real.

For real.

Anyway, the fun part of this story (at least for me) took place at the wedding.  The bride and groom rented out a boutique hotel in the heart of Manhattan Beach for the event and it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever attended.  Now,  I’m not a person who gets star-struck.  Living in LA, that’s just part of the culture and environment, and thankfully, I could give two-shits about most celebrities.  They’re just people.  Nothing to get excited about.  Except……when one of my childhood crushes walks into the room.

Hart to Hart: Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner  Image Source: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Hart to Hart: Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner
Image Source: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

As a kid I was in love with Peirce Brosnan from Remington Steele.  Eric Estrada from Chips.  Henry Winkler as The Fonz. Tom Sellack as Magnum P.I.  And…..Robert Wagner from Hart to Hart.  So, you can imagine my fan girl reaction when Robert Wagner and his gorgeous wife, Jill St. John walked into the wedding!!!!!!!!  A freaking Bond Girl walked into the wedding!!!!!!!!!!!  She starred in Diamonds are Forever (1971) with freaking Sean Connery!  AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!  (By the way, Sean Connery was in my top ten until he turned 80, but I still love him!)

He is dashing!

He is dashing!

So, I handled myself with all the dignity of a twelve year old at a One Direction concert.  I approached the groom (Dan’s dear friend and fraternity brother) and calmly told him that I would grant whatever favor he wanted if he could introduce me to Mr. Wagner and his wife without making me look like a complete asshole.  It turns out that the groom’s mother is a cousin of Jill St. John, and the groom arranged a most natural introduction by first introducing me to his mother who was seated next to Jill and Robert.  She then casually introduced me to her guests.  Then…..I ruined it by telling Mr. Wagner that I’ve had a crush on him since 1980 and that I basically begged  to be introduced to him.  Sigh.  I know, I am such an asshole.

She was absolutely lovely and still a very beautiful woman!

Jill St. John! She was absolutely lovely and still a very beautiful woman!

Thankfully, Mr. Wagner and his wife were gracious and friendly.  They exude that old Hollywood charm that is missing from so many of their younger peers today.   I interrupted their dinner, but they stopped eating to shake hands, exchange small talk and allowed me to take a picture with them.  Robert, or RJ as he asked me to call him, even made my husband take extra pictures to ensure they turned out.  He also thanked me for the nice compliment about having a crush on him for three and a half decades.  LOL!  I have several pictures, and unfortunately I can’t post any of them.   I have a strict policy of not posting pictures of other people on the internet without their permission.  I was not the only person in the photos, so I will respect the privacy of the other people involved.

So, as I continue to recover from the weekend and Google past Hart to Hart episodes on the internet, I would love to know if you have any ‘fan girl’ moments of your own.  😉