Wanda Says…Kids are awesome, until they aren’t.

kid doctorI had a doctor appointment today, and I had to take my two kids with me.  Taking kids to adult doctor appointments and expecting them to behave is like taking a new puppy to a carpet store and asking it not to pee on the rug. Impossible.

I gave them ‘the lecture’ before we got there.  There would be no arguing.  No fighting.  No climbing all over the furniture.  No interrupting while I was talking to the doctor.  They were to sit quietly and play together nicely with the ipad while I had my appointment.  (It’s okay if you’re laughing at me, I deserve it).

This is what really went down…

Bryce almost knocked the serene landscape picture off the wall, onto the doctor’s head.  (Thank God she had good reflexes).

Bryce almost broke the doctor’s stool by spinning on it. (To his credit, those stools are irresistible to kids)!

Bryn and Bryce repeatedly grappled for space in the only other chair in the office, which they had to share.  There was continuous shoving and furious whispering going on.

Bryn kept interrupting by trying to surreptitiously show the doctor pictures of our cat on the ipad, while whispering in a creepy voice, “Lucy wants to say hello.”

While the doctor was examining my skin (I was there for a rash on my arms), Bryce kept interjecting comments like “That really doesn’t look good.”  Or, “That’s not normal.”

Bryce interrupted the doctor’s examination to walk in front her and loudly stage whisper, “Mommy, I have to go potty.”  After being told to wait a few minutes for us to finish, he dramatically switches to manual control by grabbing himself, moaning loudly and crossing his legs.

I should mention this appointment took less than 20 minutes.  At one point the doctor asked me if I was stressed about anything.  We both looked at my kids and started laughing.  She was a good sport about it, but I think we both would have enjoyed bar service after the experience.  🙂

Your turn…what crazy, silly, and annoying things do your kids do at doctor appointments?

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