Wanda Says…On my son’s opinion of Corn Syrup.

boy with juiceMy kids love juice.

I don’t really serve them much juice because I know it’s the equivalent of giving them sugar water.  Now that they are a little older I buy reduced-sugar apple juice, or all natural juice boxes for their lunches.

Last week, in an attempt to switch things up a bit, my husband picked up some Sunny Delight at the store.  The kids love orange juice and he thought they would like it.


As I was standing in the kitchen looking at the list of ingredients on the juice bottle, this is the conversation that went down as my son was drinking his orange juice….

Me:  Dan, this juice has corn syrup in it.  So we can finish the bottle, but let’s not buy this again.

Bryce:  This juice is delicious!  What’s corn syrup?

Me:  The syrup of corn.

Bryce:  I love the syrup of corn!

Me:  I’m just kidding Bryce.  It’s a sweetener made from corn and it’s really bad for you.

Bryce:  It’s not bad for me!  It’s so good for me!  I love this!  I love this corn syrup juice!

Me:  Well, enjoy it while it lasts because we’re not buying it again.

Bryce:  We are going to buy it again!  Aren’t we, daddy?  Right, daddy?  Right, daddy?  Say yes.  Say yes.  Say yes.

orange surpriseBased on Bryce’s behavior, I would say Sunny Delight is crack for kids.

Now he refers to Sunny Delight as corn syrup juice and everyday he asks for some.  Everyday he says, “Can I have corn syrup juice?  Corn syrup is so good for my body and you need to get me some more.  It’s good.  It’s soooooo good.  I love corn!  I will eat if for dinner if you put some syrup on it.”

Yeah, we are never buying this again.  Sorry, Sunny D.


9 thoughts on “Wanda Says…On my son’s opinion of Corn Syrup.

  1. I got TWO videos for you Wanda! I’m not sure how Bryce is … maybe he’s old enough to watch these videos too! But watch them FIRST so you know what’s coming! AND I promise, there is “God, are you there? It’s me Margaret” stuff in either one! 🙂

    VIDEO #1: What you may want to know about agave syrup as well as HFCS (00:03:51) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qYNcLy0wYVg

    VIDEO #2: What Dr. Mark Hyman has to say about HFCS (00:05:05) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i09of7ufRlU

    Thanks for the reinforcement about HFCS and avoiding it … I got a little lax and ate some foods with it recently. I’ll start my vigilance again … NO MORE ALMOND SNICKERS for me!

    And … as a healthier (not healthy, but healthier) alternative drink — DRY SODA. DRY Soda is a less sweet, all natural soda made with just four ingredients, including a little bit of pure cane sugar. Have you tried it? It’s great to drink over crushed ice or put a splash of juice in for coloring. Here’s another link: http://www.drysoda.com

    Anyway, cheers to ridding the house of Sunny D! 🙂

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