On the subject of video games and prison lingo.

werewolfLast week Dan downloaded a new game to the ipad for Bryce.  The graphics of the game are cartoons, but the game is still a bit scary because all the enemies are monsters, like vampire bats and werewolves.

This was the conversation I had with Dan about the game last week.  Keep in mind that Bryce is only four years old, but because he has an older sister who loves video games, he’s more adept than most four year olds at playing them.

Dan:  I got this new game for Bryce.  At first you only had to shoot enemies with a bow and arrow, which didn’t strike me as being overly violent.  But now you have to defeat your enemies with a dagger, and that just seems too violent.

Me:  You think?  He’s four, and he has to defeat enemies with a dagger?  Is that the same game he asked me for help with the other day?  He told me he was in a “creepy situation” with a game and needed help getting out of the level.  I saw the vampire bats and told him to shut it off.”

(I want Dan and Bryce to have their own activities, you know, father/son stuff, so I don’t want to interfere.  Although I am a bit concerned, I’m trying to trust Dan’s judgment).

Dan:  Yeah, I’m not sure we’ll be keeping this game.

Two days later….

Dan:  Bryce, tell mommy what you did to the werewolf.

Bryce:  I shanked him with a shiv.

Me:  (epic sigh)

8 thoughts on “On the subject of video games and prison lingo.

  1. LOL…. Laughed a bit at this.. I must confess, i am guilty of this too.. I recently watched Mortal Kombat the movie with our 3 year old. His mother was horrified. He also ‘plays’ games with me…. I don’t personally see a point to wrapping him in cotton wool. I do try to gauge where he is at though, if i think he is at a point where something wouldn’t scare him, we (or i) give it a go… He was scared of Harry Potter for a while, Goblet of Fire mermaids scared him…. he calls them ‘scary nemo’s’.. 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. First I was like, crap, we are such bad parents! Then I thought it was pretty funny. I feel the same way though…you can’t avoid everything and just have to keep evaluating where they’re at. But I agree with your son, those Harry Potter mermaids were pretty terrifying. Scary Nemos…classic. 🙂 By the way, when Bryce heard I was doing this post he says, “Mommy, I don’t shank the werewolves every time. Mostly I just sneak away from them.” That made me feel a little better.

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