Wanda Says….Random thoughts on a Thursday.

I spent five hours working on a blog post today and I still wasn’t happy with it.  Am I overthinking this?  Probably.  Does it happen to you?

I ignored all the volunteer fundraising work I was supposed to do today so that I could work on a blog post.  So that means I didn’t accomplish much of anything.

I went to Target to do some shopping and left part of my purchase at the store.  What the hell is wrong with me?  I just walked away from the cashier’s counter and didn’t grab one of my bags.  Now I have to go back tomorrow with my receipt and hope that they believe me when I tell them I’m a moron and left without my toilet paper.  Nice.

Today my kids were arguing and Bryce said, “Stop being a douche bag, Bryn.”  He is four, and he called her a douche bag.  I am a terrible mother.

Dan’s been in NYC for two days, and I’m so ready for him to be home.  He gets to run meetings with high-end retailers, like Frye and Juicy Couture.  He gets to go to the Frye showroom.  I get to clean toilets and wash everyone’s underwear.  Life isn’t fair.

I think I’m in a sour mood today.  But this made me laugh when I saw it on Facebook.


I don’t think this needs further explanation.  It just sounds like good, solid advice to me.

Here’s hoping Friday is better than Thursday!  😉

11 thoughts on “Wanda Says….Random thoughts on a Thursday.

  1. “five hours working on a blog post today and I still wasn’t happy with it.” — hahaha! I worked on a post for two days and wasn’t happy with it. Started three separate posts on the same topic and finally finished it ten minutes ago, and I’m still not completely pleased with it. It’ll post tomorrow at 9:30 AM and I’ll let you all decide if it’s any good.

    Sorry you haven’t been a very good mood today and things didn’t seem to work out real well for ya. Tomorrow’s another day…

    And btw…

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    • Thanks for that! No one can be unhappy listening to Bohemian Rhapsody! I’ve also spent longer on blog posts, but what made this so frustrating was I thought I was done with it, and then decided I wasn’t. Then decided I was being to picky, or too detailed, or too wordy. Then I deleted a bunch of stuff and then put it back in. Aaaagggghhhh! Whatever. Tomorrow is a new day!!!!

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  2. I think 5 hours is a long time but maybe because I give up too easily. But it’s cool that writing a blog post interests you enough to want to spend that much time on it. I think blogging is my #1 most enjoyable hobby. If I spent as much time doing anything as much as I do blogging I would be pretty good at whatever that thing is. But what do I know, I’m just a poor boy and nobody loves me.

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    • LOL! (laughing over the Queen reference) For me it’s hard to find the time to blog, so when I get a block of availability when I’m not being interrupted every five seconds I try and get as much done as I can, and often that includes catching up on everyone else’s blogs. I’m impressed so many other bloggers find the time to put up a post every day, or even several times a week. I’m lucky to get the time to get one up every week or so. So that five hours has to count for a lot!

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  3. Hilarious. You think you’re a bad mom? I sing the beginning part of that song to my boys at bedtime. “Momma . . . just killed a man. Put a gun against his head, pulled my trigger now he’s dead.” Mom of the year.

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  4. I have plenty of blog posts Ive started and sent a bunch of time on and then put aside because I saw I was writing from my head, not my heart.. often a few weeks later they form the basuis of some much shorter piece I like, hugs, gerry

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