Wanda Says…My dog has a blogger twin!

So, I was checking out some new blogs today (new to me), and I discovered that Choppy, over at Travels with Choppy is a spitting image of my dog Molly!  How crazy is that?  My dog has a blogger twin!

So this post is really just to show Sarah, Choppy’s mom and fellow blogger, a picture of my sweet girl Molly!

Molly 2

She’s all like, “Why are you taking my picture? You’re giving me a complex. I might pee.”


10 thoughts on “Wanda Says…My dog has a blogger twin!

  1. They look just alike! If I did a post on look-a-likes for my dog, I’d have to call it “Hey Look: Another Lab Mix”. I love her (she’s an asshole) but she looks like every other dog we meet. Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you get pampered!

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