Back-to-School and Birthdays

back to schoolHello world!

Things have slowed down enough here where I can finally catch my breath!  Last week both of my kids went back to school.  Bryn started 6th grade at the local middle school and Bryce started Kindergarten!  It was a pretty big deal for both of them, and the week before that we were busy with orientations, registration and back-to-school shopping.  The days were so busy trying to prepare both of them for these major transitions into new schools that I never stopped to consider how I really felt about any of it.  As the parent, you just do what has to be done and reassure them everything will be amazing, challenging and brilliant.  Yay for school!  And Yay! for having three hours to myself, every weekday, for the first time in I can’t remember how many years!

So, when I lost my shit on the first day of school I was a tad bit surprised.  I really was.  I had managed  to get both kids ready for school pretty well with only a few raised voices and barked commands to brush teeth, comb hair and put on shoes.  As we pulled up to the middle school, Bryn and I both got out of the vehicle to give her one last hug good-bye and a reassuring, “It’s going to be a great day!”  She was excited and not nervous at all.   As she turned her back and began walking into the school, I burst into tears.  I looked at my husband as I was sobbing in the car and said, “I had no idea I was even upset about this!”

mom and sonI managed to get through the Kindergarten drop off just fine.  Bryce was cool about it and even helped another little boy who was crying by holding his hand and walking him into the class.  I was really proud of my self for not becoming overly emotional on his first day ( I had pulled myself together at that point), and I was proud of him for being such a big boy.  The next evening was the night before Bryce’s fifth birthday.  I was tucking him into bed and as we were snuggling I started to get choked up.  He asked why I was crying and I said, “Tomorrow morning you will wake up and be five.  You will never be four again, and four was a really good year.  Mommy is going to miss four.”  He looked up at me with tears in his eyes and said, “But I’ll always be your baby.”  Well hell, just bring on the waterworks!  I cried most of the next day, which was his actual birthday.  It was the third day of school and it all just hit me like a Mac truck!  He was five and in Kindergarten!  My baby isn’t a baby anymore.

I asked Dan if he thought it was too late for us to have another one, and then we realized that I would be 47 by the time that child started Kindergarten and Dan would be 51.  So yeah, we’re totally done having kids, which then made me cry more, so then I just drank a bunch of wine until I felt better.

Wine fixes everything.  🙂

8 thoughts on “Back-to-School and Birthdays

      • Hey you! Just went through my million reader posts and found YOURS! 🙂

        I went to ITALY for a week and just got back to town a couple days ago. AND gained almost 7 pounds!!! Love Eataly … I mean Italy, but good thing I got out of that place when I did or I’d be some person who needed to take off even more weight. Even my underwear is tight! Holy cow! I guess eating gelato, drinking and eating pasta every day isn’t really good for weight control no matter how much you walk around Italy!

        So, I’m back … your kids are in school and now you have some more time to yourself! Me, back to work on Monday and my next day off is Friday where I recreate Italy at my house with a friend so I can, of course, gain even more weight! Ha!

        Where’s the country to travel to where you stay the same weight? I don’t want to go anywhere where you lose weight cause that sounds bad in it’s own way — like the country that give you dysentery (or ebola) and you lose a sh*tload of weight … but Italy … guess Elizabeth Gilbert was write in “Eat, Pray, Love” where she said she gained a whole lotta weight in Italia!

        So, I’m back! 🙂

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      • That’s awesome! Italy is on my bucket list, and I think that 7 pounds is probably worth every bite, taste and sip you enjoyed. Soooo good! You have to interview Italians and find out how they keep the weight off while enjoying the food. Then pass your knowledge onto me. Cause we help each other like that! 😜. Anyway, I’ve been busy for a couple of weeks and planned to tackle some blog reading (and hopefully post something) this weekend. I was going to stalk your page so I’m glad you’re back!

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