Wanda Says…Jumping rope is hard.

In my never-ending quest to bring sexy back, I’ve been trying to incorporate some oldies but goodies in my workout routine.  I still haven’t mastered the jumping jack, but to be honest, after my last humiliating attempt and fail at that childhood standard, I haven’t put much effort into it.

And recently, my fellow blogger, Elizabetcetera at da Vinci Total Hysterectomy 2014, encouraged me to try jumping rope.  She assured me the experience would not be at all similar to my experiences using the jump rope as a child.  And she was absolutely correct.

jumping ropeAfter attempting to jump rope during my workout today, all I can say is that gravity is an asshole.

I was able to jump rope, but half the time I couldn’t get both feet up off the ground fast enough and I ended up tripping on the rope with one foot while the other cleared it.  And forget the continuous jump-bouncing of the past.  Now I remember why teenage girls typically lose interest in jumping rope after going through puberty.  Even with a sports bra on, my boobs kept trying to spring up and slap me in the face.  Not cool, girls.  Not cool at all.

I’d like to be all ‘I’m not a quitter,’ and tell you that I won’t stop until I master the beast, but the truth is that I am totally quitting this.  I have no interest in doing that again, ever.

6 thoughts on “Wanda Says…Jumping rope is hard.

  1. Ugh jump roping and skating; two things I always struggled at and made me feel like such a girl failure. I mean all girls can jump rope and skate, right? Lol Thanks for letting me see I wasn’t the only girl out there terrible at jump roping! Like you, I’m still terrible at it!

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  2. Like the pumpkin Halloween themed border. Did that start today?

    I’m glad you survived jumping rope AKA “seeing a Hangman’s noose from a whole new perspective”! Glad I could be some perspiration for a blog entry! I may be uterusless but I’m not useless!

    So, did you have to buy a jumprope? Did your gym have one? Did you borrow your kids? Anyway, I bought one a while back … ha ha ha ha ha! I used it once, maybe twice and thought, sh*t how did this thing ever get so hard regardless of boobies or not?!

    Anyway, kudos to you for giving it a shot … or at least a jump! I can’t believe I used to think jumping rope was fun! How things have changed!



    • The Halloween border started yesterday, I think. I was tooling around with the customization bar and thought, what the hell?

      I borrowed my husband’s jump rope. It’s a nice one, and I was tempted to blame my clumsiness on the fact that the jump rope was too long, blah, blah, blah, but in the end, I had to be honest and own up to my lack of athletic skill with this basic piece of equipment. I’m a jump rope loser. But I had some wine tonight with some girl friends so I’m feeling really okay about it. I will never jump rope again, and I’m perfectly fine with that. 😉


  3. Cinderella dressed in yella, went down stairs to kiss her fella, how many kisses did she get… 1,2,3,4,

    TOOT..TOOT, move over girls the jump rope queen is here! I may be over the hill but I still got it! 😉


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