Wanda Says…My worst nightmare!

It rained spiders in Australia.

Did you hear me?

It fucking rained spiders in Australia!


The end is near.


This is what I imagine Hell would be like.  Thousands of spiders falling from the sky!  Every cell in my body is jumping around and screaming in agony at the thought.

I hate spiders.  I’ve physically shuddered, my shoulders twitching, the hair on my arms standing up and chills racing up and down my spine, like ten times since I started typing this post.  I keep imagining that something is crawling on me.


No shower of spiders, “ballooning” from the sky, covering my house in threads of silk so dense it looks like cotton.  This sounds more like the plot line of a new horror movie, not a true scientific event that’s easily explained by arachnid migration patterns. This is seriously on par with a zombie apocalypse for me.  I would never leave the house again for fear of one of them dangling from the rooftop waiting to touch me.  Or worse, how could I not run from the house for fear that they would invade the openings or crevices of my home and work their way inside to crawl on me in my sleep!  I saw the movie Arachnophobia, and I didn’t sleep for weeks.

One time, I noticed this horrible, disgusting, hairy spider clinging to the side mirror on my car as I was driving to work.  I almost had to set fire to the car to get rid of that fucking spider!

I just threw up in my mouth a little looking at this picture. Thank God this isn’t a picture of my car. I borrowed this from Google.

I wish I didn’t know this.  I wish I could somehow make my brain un-know it.  I can never un-see this.  I may never be able to travel to Australia now, and I’ve always wanted to go there.  Australia is tainted for me now.

Spiders ruin everything.


10 thoughts on “Wanda Says…My worst nightmare!

  1. I could be worse. Raining cats and dogs would be more lethal. Think about a tiny spider landing on your head vs. a great dane. Spiders are creepy, though, so that’s a deal breaker. 😀

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  2. I’m sorry; What??? Nah, hell no! Have you ever noticed that Australians are collectively more attractive than the rest of the world? Maybe the spider showers and dealing with a multitude of man-eaters is their penance for being so pretty. I’ll take my spiders sans showers with an extra dose of non- supermodel genes, thank you.

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  3. Welcome to what seems to be everyone’s nightmare! Except mine. I’m weird. I love spiders. I was sitting on our deck the other day and several spiders were crawling around on me at various times. I don’t live in Australia, but spiders are part of life in our yard, and they help control a lot of other pests. Although, I have have to admit, I would be weary of spiders blowing around in Australia as they have some very deadly spiders. We have black widows, but they rarely hang out with us and the other spiders.


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