Happy Mother’s Day…mostly.

WORLD-S-OKAYEST-MOM-Women-s-T-ShirtsHappy Mother’s Day world!

Today my family gave me the most wonderful, relaxing morning.  They spoiled me with lovely cards, perfect gifts and my husband made breakfast with mimosa’s AND cleaned it all up.  I took a leisurely shower and took my time getting ready for my special day.

And then one of the cat’s threw up in my freshly washed hair.  I guess she decided I needed to be reminded that I am not a Queen, and just a mother, after all.  😉

9 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…mostly.

      • Gross. That’s a new one for sure. My cat’s have done many things but not that … yet. My little cat has drooled into my eye, mouth and onto my face a few times. Somehow I wasn’t that grossed out. When he purrs and makes biscuits he drools … Not so much as he used to. I guess at least I know he’s a well hydrated kitty!

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